Are you a journalist? This section is for you. Here you will find press releases and press kits, as well as royalty-free images relating to the exhibition.

Royalty-free images

To download the royalty-free images in high definition:

  • 1. contact the press service (see below)
  • 2. get your ID and password
  • 3. download the images on

The royalty-free images are for press professional use on request.
Please do not forget to always mention the copyrights on each image.


Agence Pierre Laporte

+33 1 45 23 14 14
Pierre Laporte
Marie Roy
Laurent Jourdren
Frédéric Miller

Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle - Musée de l'Homme

Marion Devys
+33 1 44 05 73 23/ 72 31